I'm sure we all have things that drive us INSANE - I defintely have more than a few things that make me annoyed. I thought this would be quite an interesting post to do to see if any of you share any of the things that annoy me.

You have no idea how much this winds me up; I'm constantly correcting my friends grammar (it may get slightly annoying to them but you can't put a price on good grammar. The amount of people who don't know the difference between you're and your shocks me, honestly, this just winds me up so so much. If you ever message me, make sure your grammar is relatively good.

I have to walk to and from school everyday so people who walk slowly drive me insane. When I know that I want to get from A to B I see no point in dilly dallying around, I just want to get there immediately. My friends always seem to want to stop in the most awkward of places rather than wait till we get to our destination - I'm always walking in front and never realise that we've stopped.

(Image from The Daily Rag)

As I type, I am sat in the garden supposedly enjoying the warm weather. That statement would be true if it weren't for the copious amount of flies, midgets and other buzzing creatures. WHY do they feel the need to fly into your face or buzz into your eye - just BUZZ OFF! They are a big part of why I dislike going outside as I know I'm going to have to ward off thousands of tiny flying buzzing insects that seem to have no purpose in life.

You honestly have no idea how much this drives me crazy. If anyone snores I will hurl insults at you all night until you stop. I have to have it silent when I sleep and the slightest noise keeps me awake. I just find the noise so annoying and frustrating - why do people have to snore?!!! It drives me mad!

Those are some of the things that annoy me, do you have the same pet peeves? Or are they different to mine, let me know!