Life Update

First of all, I'm dreadfully sorry for the serious lack of posts at the moment. I've been such a terrible blogger and I'm sorry.

Exams kick off tomorrow which is terrifying so I'm afraid my blog will continue to look sparse until June 24th, which is my last exam. I really do miss blogging but at the moment I'm just not able to create blog posts that I want to post. I'd rather wait and have a post I was proud of than post something that I hated and I would eventually delete.

So yeah.. basically this post was just to say that I'm still not going to be blogging for another couple of months as my exams take priority right now. I'm knee deep in revision right now and I just can't afford the time; I hope you understand.

Hopefully after my exams and when the summer kicks in I'll be able to post more often and get back into blogging. Until then, adiĆ³s!