Review // Dove Root Lift Spray


Recently, I have been after a more voluminous look to my hair and I knew I wanted to try this. I have tried the shampoo from this range and liked it, so had high hopes for this. 

This has a subtle smell which isn't overpowering or offensive. The packaging is basic yet functional so again a thumbs up. In terms of volumising power, I have been really impressed, you spray this throughout the roots of your hair and rub/massage it in. Instantly, my hair was much thicker and more lifted - I was actually surprised at how much more volume this gave.

I was worried that this would leave my hair feeling sticky or greasy but it actually didn't. My hair didn't look at all greasy or shiny, it looked the same as before. I wouldn't like to use this everyday but it didn't make my hair or head sticky or feel horrible, which again, I was pleasantly surprised at.

The nozzle allows for precision applying which makes it easy to put along the roots of the hair. The actual product felt quite cooling on my head which was a quite a nice sensation (haha). 

Overall, I was more impressed with this than I thought I would be. It added a lot of volume to my hair yet didn't leave my hair feeling horrible. I would definitely recommend this if you suffer from flat, fine hair, it has really transformed my hair when I used it. 

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Tash xx