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Keeping Blogging a Secret?

Monday, 29 February 2016
Today I have a guest post from Emilia! Be sure to check out her blog here as it's fab!

Hello Tash’s blog!  I’m so excited to be writing on here!  My name’s Emilia and I’m writing from the blog as a huge ‘fan’ of Tash’s blog!

Tash and I are in the same form and and year at the same school.  We both write blogs which are fairly similar in content (except Tash’s is absolutely superbly written and there’s more content on her blog!).  However there is one thing that makes our blogs extremely different form each other:  I decided when I began my blog that I wanted it out in the open, meaning that everyone at school and everyone else I know would know about it.  However, respectfully, Tash decided not to and to keep her blog more on the down low at places like school.  If I felt I could have got away with this then I would have kept my blog more out of my acquaintances eyes too!  However when I had my old YouTube channel, everyone found out about it with in two weeks of me putting videos live and the fact that I’d kept it from people made them not respond entirely positively: although they were pleasantly surprised by the content, the fact I was doing it with out them, as it were, was not so well received.  This is the only reason that when I set up my blog and new YouTube channel I created a page on Facebook for them, so that people could see I wasn’t ashamed of what I was doing this time or keeping anything from them.  I do not know how Tash has managed to keep this amazing space on the internet a secret… but I do admire greatly her decision and how well she executes it.  

In my opinion, having a blog which people around you (who you are not exactly friends with but you have to be acquainted with) read creates quite a lot of difference with in your blog.  I would say that the most noticeable difference for me that I can think of when writing a blog that I know people are going to read, is that I have to be a lot more careful over what I write.  Arguably sometimes this can be quite limiting.  On my computer I have a good several posts, semi drafted that I just can’t bring myself to whole heartedly write because I am worried of how they will be perceived.  Blogging is a way of putting yourself and your beliefs out there which is scary (especially when you are in secondary school where those around you are in one of the most judgemental stages of their lives).  Sometimes it is not even that I have an opinion that is ‘socially wrong’ or ‘controversial’, it’s just that I worry about how I will be perceived by publicly expressing them in a way perhaps a bit more advanced than a FaceBook status.  

Another thing I feel with writing a blog in secondary school is that people just ‘don’t get it’.  There are so many teenage girls now with blogs… yet in a place where the majority of girls don’t have an interest in writing and the the things that blogging entails, people don’t always understand why you are doing what you are.  When you say blogging, the immediate name that most people will think of straight away is Zoella.  Now, I love Zoella and have always read her blog avidly, however now Zoe has reached the heights of success she has, if you say you are starting blogging many people think you just want to do it in order to get ‘famous’ or be like Zoella.  I think this is where people most noticeably don’t understand what you’re doing and some people start to ‘take the Mick’.   Because I don’t want people to think I’m a ‘wanna be’ Zoella, I have been trying very hard (especially when I first began) not to write anything which would be extremely close to what Zoe would write in order to try and get people to lose their preconceptions of why I’m blogging.  This is a way in which having a very public blog also influences what I am writing.  Now my blog is less new and less of a topic of gossip at school I feel more able to write about everything I like, including beauty and fashion (although I haven’t yet).

Leading on from my last point, when you’re writing for people you know, it takes time to build your confidence to write what you want.  My last post was on values and it has taken me nearly a couple of moths to feel like I can post something a bit more personal on my blog even though it should be a personal place.  Although I only found out about Tash’s blog recently, I have been right to it’s beginning and in my opinion it was a very open and more personal space from the start which I really like.  This is something that I really took away from Tash’s blog- the fact that it should be a personal space that I can write what I want whenever just because it’s fun.  I want to do tags and favourites and all those kind of things I’ve been scared to do with people reading, but Tash has really inspired me to be braver with what I write.

All in all, as you can see there are many ways in which Tash and I differ when we are writing our blogs due to our difference in audience.  But, the most important thing we do for the same reason: we both write a blog for the love of writing and no matter who knows about our blogs, this remains the same.

Thank you for having me!
Emilia :) xx

Once again, be sure to check out Emilia's blog here,
3 comments on "Keeping Blogging a Secret?"
  1. I love this post! Personally, I tried to keep my blog a secret while in middle school, but now that I'm in high school more people know about it. It's whatever. Now people can see the real me and what I enjoy doing in my free time.

  2. This is like the best post ever! I'm also in Secondary school and try to keep my blog as secret as possible, although some of my friends do know about it. I think if everyone knew I would be a LOT more conscious about it x

  3. I loved this post! My blog is a secret and I would like it to stay that way! I think if I knew people read my blog it would affect the way I write and maybe I wouldn't be as honest or funny x

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