Revision Tips

Now that we are in January and we've settled back into the school routine I'm sure a lot of us have started to revise. Unfortunately, revision is something we all have to do and exams are not going to pass themselves. Therefore, I thought I would share some revision tips; hopefully I'm following my own advice too!


This is one I am not very good at, I tend to do the bulk of my revision the night before which is not very good. I have several months before my real exams so I have begun to revise. Starting early means you can revise more and feel less stressed in the long run.


Cramming is never a very good idea (I know this the hard way), you can completely overload your brain with information and consequently you don't do as well in the exam. By following my first step and revising early you can do more in shorter bursts and you're less likely to get stressed.


Spread your time equally between the subjects you have to revise. There's no point in spending 6 hours a week on history and then 1 hour on maths. You need to split things up equally in order to get the most out of your revision.


Always start revising with the harder topics first, that way you can go over them more times and gradually become more confident. Also, once you get them out of the way you can do the easier topics next.


It's so important to take breaks in order to digest the information you've just looked at. After your break, test yourself to see if you've actually learnt something. Tell yourself you'll work for 30-40 mins and then watch that Youtube, However, don't procrastinate! A quick 10 mins break will do.

New Year, New Me?

Every year we all vow to do a series of 'resolutions' that probably 99% of people have neglected by January 5th. Why is it that a new number at the end of the calender creates a new sense of enthusiasm in thousands of people to do things that they vowed to do last year?

Most people's new years resolutions go something like: get fitter, eat healthier and manage finances etc. All pretty standard. In my opinion, you can do these things at any point, why do we all seem to wait until 1st January to actually begin to change ourselves?

There's a number 1 in all 12 months of the year, what makes January so special? Maybe because it can be referred to as JanYOUary so that businesses can capitalise on the fact that you've probably eaten slightly too much in the Christmas season and slash gym memberships for a month.

I am definitely a victim of new years resolutions; I always used to make a list of things I was actually going to stick to, however, I don't think I've kept a single one of them. Quite sad really.

Surely new years resolutions can make you more depressed? It's a cold January night and after a long day at work or school, you've come home and scoffed that box of leftover chocolates from Christmas. What's more you realise that you haven't been to the gym for a week. New years resolutions failed. Better luck next year.

I really don't understand why we make these broken promises to ourselves year upon year. Have we not realised that we've failed 7 years in a row now, maybe we ought to accept that they're not for us? Nope. We'll try again next year.

You can change yourself at any point in your life. The beginning of new year does not signify that you have to do anything, other then enjoy it. There's such a huge pressure on people nowadays to conform to the norm, to look their best and be their best. All. The. Time.

Next time you think about making some new years resolutions think about whether they're necessary. Are you actually going to stick to them? If yes, then go for it. Good luck. If not, scrap them and just enjoy yourself.

Tash xx

2015: A Roundup

Whilst we are in the beginning of 2016, I thought it would be quite nice to do a roundup of my year. I have to say 2015 has truly been a great year; I've done some amazing things and has a very good time. It was the year I went travelling, per say and I feel as though I've done a lot.

Also, this is in no particular order.

In August we went to Gran Canaria; the weather was glorious and it was incredibly relaxing.

In May, we visited Paris which is honestly one of the most stunning cities I've ever been to. I would love to go back.

November saw me seeing my all time favourite band live and it was honestly incredible. So incredible that I got tickets to go and see them again in March.

March saw me being invited to the Guardian in London to record a podcast with one of my favourite authors; it was an amazing experience.

Also, in November, myself and my friends went to see the Teen Awards in London. Although I wasn't a fan of the music, I still had a great time!

October was my 16th birthday and on the same day my school flew to Granada. I had the most fun 4 days ever and it was definitely a birthday to remember!

I also became a columnist for a new magazine in the summer. I have thoroughly been enjoying writing for it and can't wait to do more articles.

And lastly, we paid a visit to the Coronation Street tour and had a fantastic time. It's definitely worth doing even if you don't watch Corrie.

All in all, I would say 2015 has been an absolutely incredible year. I've honestly had such a blast and here's to another year like it in 2016!

Tash xx