I'm sure we all have things that drive us INSANE - I defintely have more than a few things that make me annoyed. I thought this would be quite an interesting post to do to see if any of you share any of the things that annoy me.

You have no idea how much this winds me up; I'm constantly correcting my friends grammar (it may get slightly annoying to them but you can't put a price on good grammar. The amount of people who don't know the difference between you're and your shocks me, honestly, this just winds me up so so much. If you ever message me, make sure your grammar is relatively good.

I have to walk to and from school everyday so people who walk slowly drive me insane. When I know that I want to get from A to B I see no point in dilly dallying around, I just want to get there immediately. My friends always seem to want to stop in the most awkward of places rather than wait till we get to our destination - I'm always walking in front and never realise that we've stopped.

(Image from The Daily Rag)

As I type, I am sat in the garden supposedly enjoying the warm weather. That statement would be true if it weren't for the copious amount of flies, midgets and other buzzing creatures. WHY do they feel the need to fly into your face or buzz into your eye - just BUZZ OFF! They are a big part of why I dislike going outside as I know I'm going to have to ward off thousands of tiny flying buzzing insects that seem to have no purpose in life.

You honestly have no idea how much this drives me crazy. If anyone snores I will hurl insults at you all night until you stop. I have to have it silent when I sleep and the slightest noise keeps me awake. I just find the noise so annoying and frustrating - why do people have to snore?!!! It drives me mad!

Those are some of the things that annoy me, do you have the same pet peeves? Or are they different to mine, let me know!



The last time I did an everyday makeup routine was quite a while ago so I thought it'd be an idea to do an updated one. I don't do that much as quite frankly I can't be bothered - who has time in the mornings to do a complex routine? Certainly not me!

Firstly, I prime my face with the Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifier, I can get really oily skin, especially during summer and at school so this helps to keep some of that shine at bay, plus it's tea tree so supposedly helps with the terrible skin I'm having at the moment.

I then use my Maybelline Brow Drama to slick through my brows to keep them in place all day. I can't be bothered to do anything major to my brows so this just keeps them in place and ensures they don't look too unruly.

I then just line my eyes with my Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - I love this eyeliner as it's super black and lasts all day. I don't do any flick as I can't do winged eyeliner to save my life and due to the shape of my eyes, you can never see it anyway.

I then slick on a bit of mascara using the Maybelline Lash Sensational; I love this mascara, it's my absolute favourite. It makes my lashes black whilst also adding length and volume.

I then use the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer underneath my eyes initially and then go back over that with the Mac Select Moisture Cover Concealer. This combination completely covers my under-eye circles and doesn't crease. I then use my Seventeen concealer over any spots or blemishes as my Mac one has a slightly orangey/ yellow undertone.

I then use an MUA blush (similar) and highlighter on my cheekbones to add some colour to my cheeks as I can look very pale. 

Finally, I powder with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder and slick on some lipstick. This will either be the L'Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm in Go Pretty or Go Home or my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi which I am loving!

That it what I put on my face everyday, let me know what you use on a daily basis!

Lusting After: Kanken Backpacks

For some strange reason, I have been completely obsessing over these backpacks, I'm not exactly sure why, but I love them. They have such a simple design yet I'm still completely in love with them. If someone would just like to lend me around £60 that'd be fab or if they would like to buy me one in fog grey, that'd be even better.

I love the kind of style they have and at the moment I seem to be spending ages on Pinterest looking at them and how people style them. I'll just let the bags do the talking...

Lusting After: Kanken Backpacks

Let me know if you love them as much as me!


For me, my GCSE's are over and there are definitely some things that I learnt that helped when exams did start. I had a grand total of 20 exams which was rather a lot so following these tips definitely helped reduce the workload and stress.

1. Start early
I know you are probably bored to tears with hearing this but seriously, do. It makes such a difference, the earlier you start the more prepared you are and the more time you have to go over things you don't understand. It also equals less stress for you and you will feel more confident in your exams. However, starting years in advance is equally useless as you're likely to forget what you've done. They advice starting around Christmas time, but I'd stay start introducing revision from about February half term.

2. Little and Often
Revising for 7 hours straight does you no good. Short, sharp bursts are the way forward, supposedly your maximum working time is your age plus 10, so for me 26 minutes. By revising for a shorter amount of time means you work harder to get what you want done and you remain more focused on revision - it really does work.

3. Put the Phone Away
This is something many people can struggle with but, just put it in a draw - you're not going to miss anything that important in 30 mins. I know it can be tempting to check it quickly to see if you've missed out on anything but it's not worth it. Wait till you have a break, or better still wait until the summer when you can spend all day everyday on your phone - now is not the time!

4. Take a Break
Similar to short sharp bursts, taking a break is equally as important to give your brain a chance to digest the information you've just processed. However, don't take your breaks every 10 mins and don't make them really long as you will lose interest. I tended to listen to 2 songs every time I had a break as it broke up the quietness of revising and gave me a chance to move about and feel refreshed.

5. Know how You Study
Again, this is incredibly important to know. Do you learn best by making things bright and colourful? If you don't, don't waste your time doing it. It won't help you. If you learn best by listening then record yourself saying facts. There are many different ways to revise, find the best one for you.

Hopefully these tips will help you get started when it comes to exams, they can be an incredibly stressful time but don't have to be if you are prepared! If I'm honest, exams were defintley not as stressful as people make out, that could be down to these tips so I suggest you try and follow some of them! Good luck!



Travelling is something that always interests me, I love being able to immerse myself into an entirely new culture and exploring the sights is so interesting to me. I also have a love for languages and hearing people talk and going about their daily lives fascinates me - I'd love to be fluent in so many languages!

1. Germany - any of my friends will tell you how much I am obsessed with Germany. I'm not really sure why, but I am desperate to go; the country seems so interesting. I'm particularly interested in going to Munich and Berlin.

2. Paris (again) - Paris is such a stunning city and is honestly one of the best places I've ever visited. There was so much to see and do and I would love to go back.

3. Salzburg - Salzburg looks beautiful and it borders Germany (which is always a plus in my mind). It seems like a place with so much history and seems like a compelling place to visit.

4. Australia - I think most people want to take a trip to Australia. There's something about it that just seems so appealing, maybe it's the accent? The only thing that would prevent me from going is the flight, as I find them so boring, and also the insects!

5. Barcelona - this last place is actually where we are going this summer so I can tick this off of my Wanderlust list! I've been learning Spanish in school so it's also a chance to practice the language. Again, there seems to be so much to see and do and I can't wait to visit!

Where are you lusting to visit?

Tash x


I realize the last post on this blog was an update, but I feel like I need to do another one.

Today was my last exam. *thousands of happy face emojis* This means that I am free of school until September, which also means that I can hopefully get back into blogging ASAP. I have missed running this space and I have neglected it slightly, but that is going to change!

I hope that I am able to blog a lot more often, though right now I am struggling with blog post ideas (let me know if there is anything you want to see) as it feels kind of alien to be writing a post as it's been so long.

I now have nearly 10 weeks to look forward to where I can relax. It also feels odd not having revision hanging over me, but I'm not complaining!

Exam season has come and gone in the blink of an eye and I am very much looking forward to summer!

Tash xx

Review // Dove Root Lift Spray


Recently, I have been after a more voluminous look to my hair and I knew I wanted to try this. I have tried the shampoo from this range and liked it, so had high hopes for this. 

This has a subtle smell which isn't overpowering or offensive. The packaging is basic yet functional so again a thumbs up. In terms of volumising power, I have been really impressed, you spray this throughout the roots of your hair and rub/massage it in. Instantly, my hair was much thicker and more lifted - I was actually surprised at how much more volume this gave.

I was worried that this would leave my hair feeling sticky or greasy but it actually didn't. My hair didn't look at all greasy or shiny, it looked the same as before. I wouldn't like to use this everyday but it didn't make my hair or head sticky or feel horrible, which again, I was pleasantly surprised at.

The nozzle allows for precision applying which makes it easy to put along the roots of the hair. The actual product felt quite cooling on my head which was a quite a nice sensation (haha). 

Overall, I was more impressed with this than I thought I would be. It added a lot of volume to my hair yet didn't leave my hair feeling horrible. I would definitely recommend this if you suffer from flat, fine hair, it has really transformed my hair when I used it. 

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Tash xx

Review // Collection Cream Puff

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the serious sparseness around here. GCSE's have stepped up a gear and it's been so incredibly hard to find the time to post, so here's a reserve from drafts. After the 30th June I hope that my posts will improve, but until then I can only apologise. 

On my Superdrug splurge I decided to pick up another Collection Cream Puff as I really liked my last one in Fairy Cake (if you'd like to see my really old and really bad review click here).

The packaging is simple, cute and functional so gets the thumbs up. This actually smells really nice; it has a vanillery scent to it, however it doesn't translate to the lips.

The colour is a nude/pink colour which is perfect for everyday come summer or winter. The finish is matt which I like as there is nothing worse when it's windy and your hair is sticking to your lips - it's not a good look. 

Although it't matt, it feels really nice on the lips, not at all drying which is what you would expect from a matt lip product. It actually feels really light weight on the lips as well which is nice. It has good lasting power and when I wore it, it lasted through lunch and I still had a subtle hint of colour right at the end of the day.

Overall, I really like these cream puff,s the only downside is there is only 3 shades (as far as I know of). I would definitely buy more and highly recommend them, they're actually some of my favourite lip products. 
Have you tried these? What did you think? 
Tash xx

Keeping Blogging a Secret?

Today I have a guest post from Emilia! Be sure to check out her blog here as it's fab!

Hello Tash’s blog!  I’m so excited to be writing on here!  My name’s Emilia and I’m writing from the blog as a huge ‘fan’ of Tash’s blog!

Tash and I are in the same form and and year at the same school.  We both write blogs which are fairly similar in content (except Tash’s is absolutely superbly written and there’s more content on her blog!).  However there is one thing that makes our blogs extremely different form each other:  I decided when I began my blog that I wanted it out in the open, meaning that everyone at school and everyone else I know would know about it.  However, respectfully, Tash decided not to and to keep her blog more on the down low at places like school.  If I felt I could have got away with this then I would have kept my blog more out of my acquaintances eyes too!  However when I had my old YouTube channel, everyone found out about it with in two weeks of me putting videos live and the fact that I’d kept it from people made them not respond entirely positively: although they were pleasantly surprised by the content, the fact I was doing it with out them, as it were, was not so well received.  This is the only reason that when I set up my blog and new YouTube channel I created a page on Facebook for them, so that people could see I wasn’t ashamed of what I was doing this time or keeping anything from them.  I do not know how Tash has managed to keep this amazing space on the internet a secret… but I do admire greatly her decision and how well she executes it.  

In my opinion, having a blog which people around you (who you are not exactly friends with but you have to be acquainted with) read creates quite a lot of difference with in your blog.  I would say that the most noticeable difference for me that I can think of when writing a blog that I know people are going to read, is that I have to be a lot more careful over what I write.  Arguably sometimes this can be quite limiting.  On my computer I have a good several posts, semi drafted that I just can’t bring myself to whole heartedly write because I am worried of how they will be perceived.  Blogging is a way of putting yourself and your beliefs out there which is scary (especially when you are in secondary school where those around you are in one of the most judgemental stages of their lives).  Sometimes it is not even that I have an opinion that is ‘socially wrong’ or ‘controversial’, it’s just that I worry about how I will be perceived by publicly expressing them in a way perhaps a bit more advanced than a FaceBook status.  

Another thing I feel with writing a blog in secondary school is that people just ‘don’t get it’.  There are so many teenage girls now with blogs… yet in a place where the majority of girls don’t have an interest in writing and the the things that blogging entails, people don’t always understand why you are doing what you are.  When you say blogging, the immediate name that most people will think of straight away is Zoella.  Now, I love Zoella and have always read her blog avidly, however now Zoe has reached the heights of success she has, if you say you are starting blogging many people think you just want to do it in order to get ‘famous’ or be like Zoella.  I think this is where people most noticeably don’t understand what you’re doing and some people start to ‘take the Mick’.   Because I don’t want people to think I’m a ‘wanna be’ Zoella, I have been trying very hard (especially when I first began) not to write anything which would be extremely close to what Zoe would write in order to try and get people to lose their preconceptions of why I’m blogging.  This is a way in which having a very public blog also influences what I am writing.  Now my blog is less new and less of a topic of gossip at school I feel more able to write about everything I like, including beauty and fashion (although I haven’t yet).

Leading on from my last point, when you’re writing for people you know, it takes time to build your confidence to write what you want.  My last post was on values and it has taken me nearly a couple of moths to feel like I can post something a bit more personal on my blog even though it should be a personal place.  Although I only found out about Tash’s blog recently, I have been right to it’s beginning and in my opinion it was a very open and more personal space from the start which I really like.  This is something that I really took away from Tash’s blog- the fact that it should be a personal space that I can write what I want whenever just because it’s fun.  I want to do tags and favourites and all those kind of things I’ve been scared to do with people reading, but Tash has really inspired me to be braver with what I write.

All in all, as you can see there are many ways in which Tash and I differ when we are writing our blogs due to our difference in audience.  But, the most important thing we do for the same reason: we both write a blog for the love of writing and no matter who knows about our blogs, this remains the same.

Thank you for having me!
Emilia :) xx

Once again, be sure to check out Emilia's blog here,

Sweater Weather Tag

I'd always thought that I had done this tag, however I don't seem to. I really enjoy reading tags and I think they make a nice change from regular posts. I'm very busy at the moment so I apologize I couldn't get up a better post. 

(Image from here)

1. Favourite Candle Scent?

I absolutely LOVE anything cinammon scented at this time of year. The Yankee candle one smells amazing!

2. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?

I don't like tea and only drink iced coffee (which isn't very season appropriate) so it has to be hot chocolate.

3. What's the best autumn memory you have?

Usually my birthday as it's at the start of autumn. I don't have any memory particularly linked to autumn though.

4. Which make-up trend do you prefer: winged liner or dark lips?

Although I do love winged liner I think that dark lips are my favourite. 

5. Hats or scarves?


6. Most worn jumper?

I update my jumpers all the time. I really like the £7.99 ones from New Look, they're so comfy and warm yet still look great. I also have a gorgeous khaki one from Topshop that I bought in the sale. 

7. Favourite fall nail polish?

I love anything berry or nude based in autumn. I actually do like black as well though in winter.

8. Skinny jeans or leggings?

Leggings for around the house, skinny jeans if I'm going out.

9. Boots or uggs?

I don't really like uggs that much and I am obsessed with boots so definitely boots.

Let me know if you do the tag.

Tash xx

Being Normal

Nowadays I feel as though there is such a stigma and pressure to be seen with the 'in' crowd and to act 'cool'. So much so that it limits what some people do.  As humans, we are defined by what we do, how we act and who we hang out with; nobody seems to look past that and see what you're like as a person, only who you are associated with.

I for one do not care, really, what other people think of me. I'd rather be myself with a small group of friends than an entirely new human being and have an endless supply of 'friends'. I feel as though now, people care too much what others think of them and they respond in a way to just fit in. But, I'm not one of these people who wants to conform to the norm, I'd rather be different and unique in my own quirky way.

I am relatively quite different to my friends; I don't like the same music, fashion, TV etc. However, my friends can behave in such a way that they only like things as the 'cool' people like them. To be honest, I don't give a damn whether the 'cool' people like the same music as me, and why should I? We were not built to fit into one category, we were built to be our own person. 

Normal is such a subjective word. As is the word cool. They can mean totally different things to totally different people. We should never try to just plod along in life, trying to be accepted by everyone we meet. Instead, I say embrace the originality in yourself. Life's boring otherwise. Your personality should always shine through no matter what you do.

We shouldn't just be robots and clones of each other and trying to fit in is really just a waste of time. Conforming is something not in my nature; I find the quirky nature endearing. I love when someone does not care whatsoever about what people think. As people we should strive to be different, aiming to achieve that ultimate uniqueness so that nobody can copy you.

Do you constantly try to fit in? Scared to look out of place in what has become a warped society; we care too much about others opinions of us and consequently we neglect who we are. 

Being normal. What does it mean? And who cares? I say dare to be different. Dare to be you.

Tash xx

Revision Tips

Now that we are in January and we've settled back into the school routine I'm sure a lot of us have started to revise. Unfortunately, revision is something we all have to do and exams are not going to pass themselves. Therefore, I thought I would share some revision tips; hopefully I'm following my own advice too!


This is one I am not very good at, I tend to do the bulk of my revision the night before which is not very good. I have several months before my real exams so I have begun to revise. Starting early means you can revise more and feel less stressed in the long run.


Cramming is never a very good idea (I know this the hard way), you can completely overload your brain with information and consequently you don't do as well in the exam. By following my first step and revising early you can do more in shorter bursts and you're less likely to get stressed.


Spread your time equally between the subjects you have to revise. There's no point in spending 6 hours a week on history and then 1 hour on maths. You need to split things up equally in order to get the most out of your revision.


Always start revising with the harder topics first, that way you can go over them more times and gradually become more confident. Also, once you get them out of the way you can do the easier topics next.


It's so important to take breaks in order to digest the information you've just looked at. After your break, test yourself to see if you've actually learnt something. Tell yourself you'll work for 30-40 mins and then watch that Youtube, However, don't procrastinate! A quick 10 mins break will do.

New Year, New Me?

Every year we all vow to do a series of 'resolutions' that probably 99% of people have neglected by January 5th. Why is it that a new number at the end of the calender creates a new sense of enthusiasm in thousands of people to do things that they vowed to do last year?

Most people's new years resolutions go something like: get fitter, eat healthier and manage finances etc. All pretty standard. In my opinion, you can do these things at any point, why do we all seem to wait until 1st January to actually begin to change ourselves?

There's a number 1 in all 12 months of the year, what makes January so special? Maybe because it can be referred to as JanYOUary so that businesses can capitalise on the fact that you've probably eaten slightly too much in the Christmas season and slash gym memberships for a month.

I am definitely a victim of new years resolutions; I always used to make a list of things I was actually going to stick to, however, I don't think I've kept a single one of them. Quite sad really.

Surely new years resolutions can make you more depressed? It's a cold January night and after a long day at work or school, you've come home and scoffed that box of leftover chocolates from Christmas. What's more you realise that you haven't been to the gym for a week. New years resolutions failed. Better luck next year.

I really don't understand why we make these broken promises to ourselves year upon year. Have we not realised that we've failed 7 years in a row now, maybe we ought to accept that they're not for us? Nope. We'll try again next year.

You can change yourself at any point in your life. The beginning of new year does not signify that you have to do anything, other then enjoy it. There's such a huge pressure on people nowadays to conform to the norm, to look their best and be their best. All. The. Time.

Next time you think about making some new years resolutions think about whether they're necessary. Are you actually going to stick to them? If yes, then go for it. Good luck. If not, scrap them and just enjoy yourself.

Tash xx

2015: A Roundup

Whilst we are in the beginning of 2016, I thought it would be quite nice to do a roundup of my year. I have to say 2015 has truly been a great year; I've done some amazing things and has a very good time. It was the year I went travelling, per say and I feel as though I've done a lot.

Also, this is in no particular order.

In August we went to Gran Canaria; the weather was glorious and it was incredibly relaxing.

In May, we visited Paris which is honestly one of the most stunning cities I've ever been to. I would love to go back.

November saw me seeing my all time favourite band live and it was honestly incredible. So incredible that I got tickets to go and see them again in March.

March saw me being invited to the Guardian in London to record a podcast with one of my favourite authors; it was an amazing experience.

Also, in November, myself and my friends went to see the Teen Awards in London. Although I wasn't a fan of the music, I still had a great time!

October was my 16th birthday and on the same day my school flew to Granada. I had the most fun 4 days ever and it was definitely a birthday to remember!

I also became a columnist for a new magazine in the summer. I have thoroughly been enjoying writing for it and can't wait to do more articles.

And lastly, we paid a visit to the Coronation Street tour and had a fantastic time. It's definitely worth doing even if you don't watch Corrie.

All in all, I would say 2015 has been an absolutely incredible year. I've honestly had such a blast and here's to another year like it in 2016!

Tash xx