My Favourite Things about Winter


Although I love summer, the warm weather, clothes and holidays, there's something quite nice when the winter months roll in. It's a very comfortable time of the year and I also quite like the winter colours and the transition of seasons so I thought I would show you my favourite things about winter.

1. Jumpers

Jumpers are so comfortable and you can't beat snuggling up in a cosy jumper and braving a crisp winter day. I love the simplicity of jeans, skinny jeans and boots; it's such a simple and easy look yet is so winter appropriate.

2. Baths

I love having baths all year round but in winter you can have them more often. It's so nice to get into a warm bubble bath and completely pamper yourself. Having a bath in winter is so cosy and the atmosphere is just so relaxing.

3. Comfort Food

In winter, all you want is roast dinners and good ol' comfort food, in summer I tend to want something lighter so it's nice to have a change. There's something so homely about winter food and it's nice to snuggle up and eat your favourite foods.

4. Seasonal Makeup

I love berry colours on the nails so as soon as winter comes I'm all about those berry tones. Although I love bright colours and pastels for summer I love the seasonal change from summer to winter. 

5. Pale Skin

As I am very pale, as soon as winter rolls around instantly my pale skin isn't as obvious and I feel like I match the season, haha.

Those are my favourite things about winter - what do you like about winter?

Tash xx  

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  1. I love this post Tash, and I totally agree. I love drinking hot chocolate and eating a lot of chocolate around Christmas time x

  2. I love layering and Jumpers in winter! Not to forget wearing lovely warm coats x

  3. Baths are life!! Especially in winter with lush Christmas bath bombs!

    Edie xo