Winter Q&A


As winter is in the air, I asked the lovely girls from the Secret Blogger Chat to ask me some questions relating to winter.

How do you keep your skin from getting dry in the winter?

I make sure to use a thicker moisturiser morning and night. Also, when cleansing my face I make sure to use something not too stripping - I really like Liz Earle cleanse and polish.

What's your go to hairstyle for winter?

I can't really do many things with my hair as it's so short that I can only just tie it up. I may wave it or straighten it but in terms of style I can't do a lot.

What's your favourite winter fashion trend?

Suede, definitely. Not only are they my favourite band it's a gorgeous trend. I love the texture of it and I just think it looks so nice.

If you could have Christmas dinner with 5 famous people, dead or alive, who would it be?

I like this question, I think I would choose:

1. Matty Healy - love, love, love.
2. Anne Frank - I think she would be really interesting.
3. Bradley James - my favourite actor
4. Brett Anderson - lead singer of Suede
5. Henry VIII - although you'd have to not say anything too offensive.

That's it for my winter q&a. What would you say?

Tash xx

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  1. I love Henry VIII!! I think he is misunderstood!! lol but awesome Q&A fun to read :)
    Amanda | amanda-speroni

  2. Loved this Q&A! They're always so much fun to read! I would love to have Anne Frank at a dinner too. I'm sure she would have a ton of great stories! Lovely post, Natasha! I'm looking forward to your next post! xo

    Guilianna |

    1. I think she'd be so interesting! Thank you! x

  3. My fashion trend is probably as comfy as I can get!!! Great post

    Ambra x
    Fridays are fab

  4. I love these answers Tash, especially to the Christmas Dinner one.
    Katie x