Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruitti Range



Today I am talking about the new Zoella beauty products. I was a fan of Zoe's original line but when I heard she was bringing out a 'tutti fruitti' range I was beyond excited. I love things that smell fruity so I knew I wanted to try some things. 

First things I got was the Foam Sweet Foam shower gel. This smells really fruity and sweet yet still fresh and not overpowering. This lathers up really nicely and makes my skin feel smooth after using it. You can smell the scent on your skin for a short while afterwards and the packaging is adorable. 

I am a lip balm-aholic so when I discovered that one was going to be added to the line I really wanted to try it out. I was surprised at how pigmented it was and it feels really moisturising on the lips. It's not sticky at all and can be worn alone or underneath/on top of something else. The scent isn't the same as the whole range but it does still smell nice as well. Again, the packaging is really cute and practical. 

My favourite part of the whole range (that I've tried so far) is the Let's Spritz body mist. First of all, look at the packaging! It is gorgeous, the colour scheme is so nice and the lace on the back is beautiful! The actual scent is so nice, it's fruity and sweet yet it's still subtle as well. This has become my summer staple scent.

I'm really impressed with the whole of Zoe's range, she's done so well! Have you tried anything from the range? Let me know!

Tash xx

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  1. I've never tried any of her range really apart from borrowing some of my friends spray once but it smelt so nice! And her lip balm sounds good, I really need to start using lip balm again because no one wants dry lips, I just have chapstick but maybe I'll stop being boring and buy a Zoella one haha x

    1. You should try the range - I really like it! The stuff does smell lovely! xx

  2. I don't own anything from the range! Not sure if I would like too either, but I have heard good things about the perfume x


  3. I stilll don’t own anything and haven’t even had to time to buy anything :( I might try the body mist!

    Ambra x
    Fridays are fab

  4. You have a lovely blog :) x

    Jade x | www.simplyjadey.blogspot.co.uk