70's Suede

This has been an autumn outfit I have been loving recently. Suede is such a huge trend at the moment so I am loving this top (plus, it's so soft I can't stop stroking myself)! Denim skirts have also been popping up everywhere recently and I love them. They work in all seasons and look quite smart yet casual at the same time. 

Skirt: New Look
Top: New Look

What have you been wearing in the autumn months? 

Tash xx

Granada Haul

For my 16th birthday, I went away to Granada with the school. The trip itself was incredible and I had an absolutely amazing time (let me know if you would like me to do a quick post about my time). There were so many cute shops and I bought some really lovely pieces so I thought I would do a small haul.


We do actually have Tiger in the UK, and one has just opened up near me which is exciting. I've had quite an obsession with rings recently so wanted to get a ring holder. This one was adorable and only 2 euros so was a complete bargain. It's a mint/blue colour which goes really well in my bedroom.


This shop was just omg, *heart eye emoji*. Me and my friends went back many times to visit - the stuff in there was just gorgeous and it was so cheap! On the last day we had about 2 hours and I have around 20 euros so wanted to get rid of some of it so bought quite a few things.

I first of all bought this pen which says 'dance in the rain' , I really liked it and it was only 2 euros. As I said before rings have become my thing so I bought one - you can't really see it in the photo as my camera was being rubbish! I also bought a pair of star earrings, stars (and anchors) are my things so I loved these. The notebook has such a stunning background to it that I couldn't resist! Quite a few of us bought this notebook as it was so pretty (we also got it for my Spanish teacher as a thank you for the trip as she said this was her favourite quote). And finally I got this bracelet for my mum to add to her present, though I may steal it off of her!!

Lastly, nearly all of my friends bought a bandana and wore them throughout the trip, I don't really know why, but they were 1.50 so it didn't break the bank.

That's it for the things I got from Granada. It was such a great trip and I highly recommend the city. The Alhambra was stunning and I would love to go back again for another birthday!

Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruitti Range


Today I am talking about the new Zoella beauty products. I was a fan of Zoe's original line but when I heard she was bringing out a 'tutti fruitti' range I was beyond excited. I love things that smell fruity so I knew I wanted to try some things. 

First things I got was the Foam Sweet Foam shower gel. This smells really fruity and sweet yet still fresh and not overpowering. This lathers up really nicely and makes my skin feel smooth after using it. You can smell the scent on your skin for a short while afterwards and the packaging is adorable. 

I am a lip balm-aholic so when I discovered that one was going to be added to the line I really wanted to try it out. I was surprised at how pigmented it was and it feels really moisturising on the lips. It's not sticky at all and can be worn alone or underneath/on top of something else. The scent isn't the same as the whole range but it does still smell nice as well. Again, the packaging is really cute and practical. 

My favourite part of the whole range (that I've tried so far) is the Let's Spritz body mist. First of all, look at the packaging! It is gorgeous, the colour scheme is so nice and the lace on the back is beautiful! The actual scent is so nice, it's fruity and sweet yet it's still subtle as well. This has become my summer staple scent.

I'm really impressed with the whole of Zoe's range, she's done so well! Have you tried anything from the range? Let me know!

Tash xx

Review // Collection Matt Lip Butter

Hello everyone!

Recently on a trip to Superdrug I had a bit of splurge and bought a few new lip things - which I really didn't need. This matt lip butter caught my eye as it intrigued me, how can something matt also be buttery?

The shade I bought was different to my usual nude/pink, it's a super vibrant orange/red colour that will complement a tan. The colour is really eye-catching and I'm surprised at how much I like it.

The crayon is matt on the lips yet doesn't feel at all drying when on. It wears away nicely so you're not left with that awkward line around your mouth. In terms of lasting power as well, it stays on for ages! I had to scrub this swatch off my hand for quite a while. It lasts through eating and drinking which was impressive!

Overall, I really like this lip crayon and for the price (£2.50), it's a complete bargain! I will definitely be picking up some more shades!

Have you tried these? 

Tash xx

Autumn Days(ies)


 This denim skirt has been a complete staple for me - although this picture was taken quite a while ago (with horrendous over exposure, I'm so sorry), it has been a staple for me in autumn. It looks great in all seasons and it looks effortlessly chic and stylish.  

Top: New Look (not available online)
Skirt: USC
Shoes: Matalan (not available online)

What are your wardrobe staples?

Tash xx

Autumn Falls // What to Do on a Rainy Day

In the UK, bad weather is inevitable to when it's raining there are certain things I like to do to make the rainy day less miserable. The weather cannot rain on my parade (I'll stop with the bad jokes now).

Rainy Day


When it's dark, gloomy and raining outside (which it is as I am writing this), you can't beat catching up on your favourite TV show (or watching the whole entire season...). I'm currently working my way through Pretty Little Liars and a rainy day is a great excuse to slob out and watch TV.


It's tipping it down outside which means that you won't be going out therefore you don't have to bother getting dressed up making it the perfect time to slob out in your comfiest clothes and go bare faced.


As the evening draws in and it's horrible outside, you can generally feel a bit down but a bubble bath always makes me feel a million times better and makes the dark nights not as bad.

Those are just 3 things that I like to do on an autumnal rainy day - what do you like to do? 

Tash xx

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint in Supersonic


Just a quick post today to show you my gorgeous new nail varnish! It's from Barry M's (fairly) new speed dry range I believe. 

Look at how pretty the colour is. It's such a stunning bluey purple shade that has an iridescent shimmer running through it. I seriously love the colour and think it's going to be the one I wear a lot!

Do you like this colour?

Tash xx

Superdrug Beauty Haul


Today I have another haul, this time packed with beauty bits and pieces. I hadn't bought anything beauty related for ages so I feel like this was (kind of) justified as it had been months since I'd had a little splurge. 

For hair care, I bought 3 things. First of all, I'm always trying to achieve natural, beachy waves which this promised so whilst it was on offer I quickly decided to try it. Secondly, I purchased another bottle of the good 'ol dry shampoo - I cannot live without this stuff. It's honestly a hair saviour! And lastly, I'd read many rave reviews about this Dove root lift spray so when I saw it was half price I decided to try it - so far it does work. Look out for a review. 

I was on the Collection aisle and they had some good offers on so I promptly added 2 new lip products into my basket. First of all I got a matt lip butter which sounded interesting, I was going to get the pink one but thought I'd stray away from my typical pink and try an orange. I haven't tried this yet but expect a review. Then I bought another Cream Puff, I had the other shade of this which I lost (and then found the day I bought this) which I really liked so thought I'd get the other shade. 

From Primark I picked up 2 beauty accessories, first of all some eyelash curlers. These have always scared me in the past but after seeing the difference it can make, I decided to get one. Plus, look at how gorgeous this one is! It changes colour in different lights. Then I got a beauty blender type of thing, this wasn't how I expected it to be but I'm excited to try it!

I actually bought 3 face masks as they were on 3 for 2, however, I've already used one. I really like Superdrug face masks, they're cheap and make my skin feel great so they're a win-win. 

These aren't in the top photograph as I bought them after I photographed everything. Anyway, I got the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry nail paint in Supersonic - I am obsessed with this colour - it's absolutely gorgeous! I actually did a post on it a while back. I then got the Barry M Lip Boss in this gorgeous peachy shade - it smells delicious!

 I thought I'd show the Zoella bits I've picked up as well. You can see my review I did a few weeks back here. I was so excited for this range and bought some things from Feel Unique the week they launched. I'm loving all the products so far!

That's it for my beauty haul, let me know if you've tried anything and if you've bought anything recently!

Tash xx

The Love/Hate Tag


Today I thought I would do another tag as they're really fun!

This tag requires you to list 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Simple.


1. Pretty Little Liars
2. The 1975
3. Suede
4. Family
5. Friends
6. Yorkshire puddings
7. Travelling
8. The sound of gravel
9. Jeans
10. My blogs


1. Poor spelling
2. Poor grammar
3. OTT soppiness
4. Fish
5. Pop/country/folk music
6. Slow walkers
7. Slow wi-fi
8. Expensive public transport
9. Typical teenagers
10. Bitchiness

I tag...

Let me know if you do the tag!

Tash xx