My Eyebrow Threading Experience


Eyebrow threading has now become a huge trend with many people opting for it to be done, with that in mind I thought I would write about my experience with it.

As you can see from the photo below I don't exactly have huge, bushy, unruly eyebrows. This photo was actually probably over a year ago so is not exactly the best example but I completely forgot to take a before photo. 

The actual threading was fairly quick, only around 10 mins altogether and although it was quick it was quite painful. I'd asked on twitter what people's thoughts were on threading - I got mixed reactions - some said it was painful but worth it, others said it was too painful and they don't do it any more. With that in mind, I was slightly nervous going in to get them done.

I have to say it was quite painful and my eyes were watering A LOT whilst I was sat in the chair! It was a quick process though and was over in about 10 minutes. It was definitely worth the pain and I really do love my new eyebrows. It may not seem like there is a lot of difference but in real life there is - I'd definitely go again!

Plus, it was only £5 so was a complete bargain! 

Do you get your eyebrows threaded - what do you think?

Tash xx

This is just a quick extra post as I wanted to share my experiences with you! 

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  1. I've only ever had them waxed but I might have to try threading. Your eye brows look amazing!

  2. i get my brows threaded every two weeks,it really clears up the brow area
    Happy Sunday

  3. I've never done anything to shape my eyebrows as they naturally have an arch shape etc threading does seem painful but the results are amazing, you can really see the difference between the two photos. You also have really nice eyes and your eyelashes are so long Tash!
    Dalal x

    1. It was definitely painful but so worth it! And thanks so much! x

  4. I do love threading but I feel waxing keeps them tamed longer. Either way there's always tears in your eye :'|

  5. Oooo your eyebrows look nice in both the before and after pictures! I love how natural they threaded them too!

    Ambra x