Back to School Organisation Tips



Welcome to another back to school post, again with summer drawing to a close, routine begins to come back and organisation is needed. I thought that I would share some tips to stop you from becoming too stressed when the new school term begins.

1. Pack your Bag the Night Before

This I sometimes don't stick to, but it really does help you to be calmer in the morning and saves time. When I know my bag is packed and ready to go then it means you haven't forgotten anything in the mad rush in the morning and you will be prepared for any lessons that you have that day.

2. Do Homework/ Coursework

I know it can be a pain doing homework or coursework but let's face it, it's not going to go away the longer you put off doing it. As soon as you get your homework try and do it the same day, that way what you've learnt is fresh in your mind, it will take less time and you won't have to stress the night before it's due.

3. Make Lists

I am a lover of lists but I strongly suggest them. If you have a lot that you need to do write it ALL down. It really helps to clear the mind and ensures that you don't forget anything you need to do. Also, it's incredibly satisfying ticking something off that list.

4. File Everything

In my house, I have a basket with folders in that house all of my school stuff. Each folder corresponds to a different subject and anything related to that subject go in there. That way in the future when it comes to revising I have old books, any papers or leaflets to help. Also, it means that you don't lose anything. The same thing goes for filing things on your computer. I have my own file with each school subject and anything document relating to that subject goes in there, again it means you don't lose anything.

5. Have a Designated School Section

I have a desk downstairs with all school things around there so I know where everything is. If you have a specific place where you go to do homework/revision you will be more focused as that's where you know you need to work. Having a particular place really helps to motivate you; fill your space with cute stationary as well to keep you feeling motivated to work.

Those are some tips that help me keep organised throughout the year - what do you do to stay organised? 

Tash xx 

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  1. Great tips I do all of this besides the own study space.. Does the floor by my nightstand count? lol xx

  2. These are great tips! I think it is very important to do all the work as soon as you get it and to file everything. The sooner in the year you do this the better off you will be x :)

    1. Thanks and yes, it's so important to get your work done as soon as possible! xx

  3. I love making lists too, I will make one about literally anything! Most of the time I pack my school bag the night before, because as you said, it does make the mornings less stressed. Great post!

    Charlotte ~

  4. I also pack my school bag the night before because I tend to wake up a little late and then rush around trying to get everything ready haha.
    Dalal x

    1. It makes me so stressed if my bag isn't packed, haha. xx

  5. As I'm reading this I was like 'yes! I am going to do this!' but I'm already behind because I'm just sitting here reading blogs rather than doing my homework, oops. But I will go and do it soon aha, these tips are useful though! I really need to organise my stuff and try and get back on top of things! It's only been a week and I already feel as if I'm behind!x

  6. Ahhh this is so useful ! I love making lists too, its always just seemed so handy to me :) I definitely always do 5 and 1, It just makes school a little easier :)
    Xx Sofia

    1. I love lists and yes, they make school so much easier! xx