Autumn Falls // Why I Love Autumn

Autumn is definitely one of my favourite seasons, I like the transition to cooler weather and the change in fashion. Here's why I love autumn:


I get so excited for my birthday every year so as soon as September comes around I'm counting down. Although I am counting down from August. My birthday is under 2 weeks away from today and I'm off to Granada with my school on the day of my 16th! It's safe to say I'm excited!!


I absolutely adore boots - they're my favourite shoes and as soon as we hit September I am busting them out from my wardrobe and buying even more pairs!


Now that we are fully into autumn I can have hot chocolate a lot more. It's the perfect drink to warm you up on a cooler day and it tastes so good!


It is now acceptable to have a hot water bottle and not be looked at like a weirdo! I get cold so easily and even in July and August I can be shivering, now it is alright to ask for a hot water bottle and not be greeted by several strange looks.


When October rolls around it means a) my birthday is incredibly soon and b) Halloween is nearly here! I actually really enjoy Halloween, it's a great time to dress up and act scary for one night a year. Also, after Halloween it means Bonfire Night!! Fireworks, hot chocolate and toffee apples - a perfect night! Once those are over though it's the countdown to Christmas!!

What do you love about Autumn?

Tash xx

My Eyebrow Threading Experience

Eyebrow threading has now become a huge trend with many people opting for it to be done, with that in mind I thought I would write about my experience with it.

As you can see from the photo below I don't exactly have huge, bushy, unruly eyebrows. This photo was actually probably over a year ago so is not exactly the best example but I completely forgot to take a before photo. 

The actual threading was fairly quick, only around 10 mins altogether and although it was quick it was quite painful. I'd asked on twitter what people's thoughts were on threading - I got mixed reactions - some said it was painful but worth it, others said it was too painful and they don't do it any more. With that in mind, I was slightly nervous going in to get them done.

I have to say it was quite painful and my eyes were watering A LOT whilst I was sat in the chair! It was a quick process though and was over in about 10 minutes. It was definitely worth the pain and I really do love my new eyebrows. It may not seem like there is a lot of difference but in real life there is - I'd definitely go again!

Plus, it was only £5 so was a complete bargain! 

Do you get your eyebrows threaded - what do you think?

Tash xx

This is just a quick extra post as I wanted to share my experiences with you! 

Holiday Lookbook // Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of my look book - enjoy!

Dress - Primark
Shoes - Matalan

Sunglasses - Primark
Vest - New Look
Shorts  - Primark 
Shoes - Matalan

Sunglasses - Primark
Top - New Look
Shorts - New Look
Shoes - Matalan

Holiday Lookbook // Part 1

Welcome to the first part of my holiday look book, I actually went on holiday quite a while ago but I had so many posts that I wanted to go up before this that this has been held off... until now. This is going to be in two parts as I didn't want to completely overload you with pictures.

I wore this plain blue vest top and paired it with a floral skirt which was the bargain of the century at only £2. 

Top - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Matalan
Bag - Matalan

Dress - H&M
Bag - Matalan
Shoes - Matalan

Sunglasses - Primark
Top - Topshop
Shorts - New Look
Shoes - Matalan

Hat - Matalan
Sunglasses - Primark
Top - Quiz
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - Matalan

Dress - Asda
Shoes - Asda

That's it for the first part of my holiday lookbook - which was your favourite?

Tash xx

Another Fashion Sales Haul


I know we're coming into Autumn at the moment but I have yet another haul for you. It's quite summery but everything is now being sold off so now is the time for a bargain!

First things first, I got this cute little flowy skirt from H&M. This was only £2 and will be great either in the evening or the day. It's got a flowery pattern on it and will be cool and comfortable when we go away.

Very unseasonal of me but I bought a winter coat, it was reduced to £20 in the New Look sale. I really like the colour of it and the fact it has a hood. It still has some shape when it's on so doesn't make you look square which I really like. 

Another thing from New Look is the top/dress. I thought this would look great with a tan (if I get one, haha). I was thinking about wearing it with little shorts underneath (as there are 2 slits on it) with a statement necklace for a cool, summer vibe. 

I bought a vest top to just wear casually, I really like the neon piping around the outside as it adds a small pop of colour. Plus it was only £3 so was a bargain.

This I am classing as the bargain of the century! Although it says £4, I actually only paid £2. That's £1 for top £1 for the bottoms. It actually fits really well and isn't too revealing (for a bikini). 

My old blue jeans were already skin tight but had begun to feel a little bit too tight for me so I thought I'd get a new pair for the autumn months coming in. These are skinny but not 'I can't breathe' skinny, thank God! Plus they were only £7 which is amazing value. 

For summer I always like to get a new pair of PJ's, I saw these in Primark for £5 and really liked the colours and print. I had to get these a size bigger as they didn't have my size left but they're really comfortable and I love the bottoms.  

This ring I love! I have an obsession with star things so when I saw this with 70% off I knew I had to get it. It fits really well and looks adorable on. I can't wait to wear this. 

From Topshop I got this gorgeous blouse! I'd actually seen it when it was full price but didn't get it so as soon as I saw it in the sale I had to have it. I like the 70's style to it and it's actually quite flowy which I like. It looks great paired with jeans and boots. 

I bought something from Urban Outfitters which for me is a rare occasion. I don't really know why, but I really liked it and it was only £5 so didn't break the bank. 

Lastly, I'd been eyeing up the Topshop skirt for ages but just couldn't bring myself to buy it so when I saw this for only £8 I had to buy it! I really like it, it's not as nice as the Topshop one but I will still wear it all throughout summer and winter. 

That is it for my mammoth haul - I've done so much shopping recently so I really need to stop buying stuff for a while. Have you picked up anything recently? 
Tash xx

Summer Sizzle: Summer day out


I know this is slightly late for summer but I thought I'd show you a super exciting day out!

Myself and my family spent the day in Manchester - it was actually the first time I'd been and I was incredibly excited.

We went to the Trafford centre first and then went on the Coronation Street tour which I could not wait to see! I'll let the pictures do the talking - it was a really great day and I had a lot of fun!

Have you been? 

Tash xx

Back to School Organisation Tips


Welcome to another back to school post, again with summer drawing to a close, routine begins to come back and organisation is needed. I thought that I would share some tips to stop you from becoming too stressed when the new school term begins.

1. Pack your Bag the Night Before

This I sometimes don't stick to, but it really does help you to be calmer in the morning and saves time. When I know my bag is packed and ready to go then it means you haven't forgotten anything in the mad rush in the morning and you will be prepared for any lessons that you have that day.

2. Do Homework/ Coursework

I know it can be a pain doing homework or coursework but let's face it, it's not going to go away the longer you put off doing it. As soon as you get your homework try and do it the same day, that way what you've learnt is fresh in your mind, it will take less time and you won't have to stress the night before it's due.

3. Make Lists

I am a lover of lists but I strongly suggest them. If you have a lot that you need to do write it ALL down. It really helps to clear the mind and ensures that you don't forget anything you need to do. Also, it's incredibly satisfying ticking something off that list.

4. File Everything

In my house, I have a basket with folders in that house all of my school stuff. Each folder corresponds to a different subject and anything related to that subject go in there. That way in the future when it comes to revising I have old books, any papers or leaflets to help. Also, it means that you don't lose anything. The same thing goes for filing things on your computer. I have my own file with each school subject and anything document relating to that subject goes in there, again it means you don't lose anything.

5. Have a Designated School Section

I have a desk downstairs with all school things around there so I know where everything is. If you have a specific place where you go to do homework/revision you will be more focused as that's where you know you need to work. Having a particular place really helps to motivate you; fill your space with cute stationary as well to keep you feeling motivated to work.

Those are some tips that help me keep organised throughout the year - what do you do to stay organised? 

Tash xx 

Back to School Makeup


With the start of a new school year looming ever closer with each passing day, I thought I would show you  a wearable, easy and most importantly quick (because let's face it, we all want an extra few minutes of shut eye in the morning) make-up look that is the perfect for the school environment. 

For school, I definitely want something natural looking as no-one wants to look like a clown in the classroom and you are at school to learn, not to showcase your makeup skills.

First of all, I will brush through my eyebrows and then add my Maybelline Brow Drama which helps to keep my brows in place all day whilst still adding a bit of definition. Then, I move on to eyes; I will use my trusty Collection 24hr Felt Tip Liner to  define my lash line and I like the look it gives. Following that I will a few coats of mascara using my Max Factor False Lash Effect, I really like the look this gives - you can build it up to be more intense or keep it natural. It really defines my lashes and doesn't smudge or clump at all.

I then move onto skin, I don't tend to do a lot to my skin as, generally speaking, it's pretty clear - only getting the odd breakout every so often. However, I do use my ultimate favourite concealer which is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer which I use underneath my eyes to make me look more awake and on a any redness or if I have any blemishes. I will then set that concealer with my Rimmel Stay Matte to stop me from becoming shiny throughout the day. If I'm having a terrible skin day that I may add a touch of the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation to even out my skin tone and make my skin look better. 

Finally, I will add a tinted lip balm on my lips to add a hint of colour and keep my lips hydrated throughout the day - I either use a Maybelline Babylips or Benefit Balm. I also always make sure I carry a clear lip balm with me throughout the day to keep my lips moisturised. 

That is what I tend to wear for school, it's a very natural easy look that takes me under 10 minutes to do in the morning. It's so quick and simple to do. 

What do you wear to school?  

Tash xx

Back to School Haul

Welcome to my first back to school post, now that there is only 4 days till the start of the new term (*cries*) I am feeling excited for a new start but terrified as this is my GCSE year!

At the start of a new year I always look forward to the stationary shopping, I love getting brand spanking new pens, pencils and bags - it fills me with a lot of excitement. For that reason I thought I would show you my new school supplies.

From left to right I got a new sharpener, some HB pencils, highlighters, a pumpable rubber, foldable ruler, coloured pens, black pens and a pencil case.

I really like my pencil case this year. It's from WHSmith and is black and white zig zag with a bright lime green top half; I really love it! It's big enough to store all my junk yet not so big that it takes up too much room.

My bag this year is from New Look, it's plain black and quite simple. I couldn't be bothered with finding a patterned bag, this was big enough, had a front pocket (an essential) and was really light. As we have to carry our bags all day and I have to walk to and from school I always opt for a backpack as it's easier and doesn't make you walk lopsided. 

What new school supplies have you got this year?

Tash xx