Life Lately

Long time no see?

I apologise for the lack of posts, life has been incredibly hectic recently; year 10 is at its climax with exams, mocks, coursework and homework there just simply hasn't been time to blog about anything.

Today I finished my core science exams (thank God), I don't think they went too badly and I should do okay. Next week and the week after, I have mock exams in most subjects. My whole life recently has been revision and homework so I've had a barrel of laughs cramped up at a desk with my head stuck in a text book.

There will still be a lack of posts till probably the summer holidays, sorry about that. I have a maths exam on Monday, 3 Spanish, History, RE and English. Also, I have to prepare for my Spanish speaking and take part in a weeks work experience - which I need to write an article for - there just won't be much time for blogging for a while.

In other news, we booked a holiday, I will be off to the lovely Gran Canaria for a week where I can relax and unwind for a bit. Also, me and my friend managed to get tickets to see The 1975 in November. It's not all work and no play.

When I enter Year 11, this blog will take even more of a back seat than it has now so I apologise for that. My exams and school have to come before this blog as, ultimately, this is just a hobby. It will always be here whereas you only get one shot in the exam hall.

Hopefully I will begin to post more frequently soon around summer. Until then, bye!