Primark Haul


Hey guys!

Today I thought I would show you a little Primark haul. I hardly ever go to Primark and the one closest to me is pretty gross. When myself and my family went to Oxford, I had to go to Primark as the one there is actually quite nice.

First of all I bought a grey cardigan. The jacket I was wearing was wayyy to hot that day and I needed something cooler. This was reduced to £4.90 so was added to my basket to wear that day.

Secondly, I bought this dress for a bargainous £5. I really like to wear this style dress in summer; it's just so easy. 

These were such a bargain at only £1 for 6 pairs of earrings. They're really dainty and small and I really like them - especially the leaves. 

I saw this the last time I went to Primark but didn't buy it which I kind of regretted. When I saw it this time I knew I had to have it. It's so cute. I have a couple of trips coming up soon and thought this would be the right size for my makeup. Plus, I might use it as a pencil case next year. It was only £2!

I'd had my old purse for many, many years and was getting bored with it. I loved the yellow on this and it fitted my purse needs. At only £4, I couldn't leave. Plus it was the last one left. 

The day we went to Oxford I stupidly left my sunglasses at home so bought some in Primark for £2. I have to buy new sunglasses each year as I just lose them all the time. These ones are so cute, they have kind of multi-coloured lenses and then rose gold around the outside. They are gorgeous and I love them; hence why I had to take a photo of me wearing them.

Thanks for reading my Primark haul. Have you picked anything up in Primark recently? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. That pencil case is so cute! I love the sunglasses.

    Edie x

  2. That make-up bag/pencil case is so cute! xx