Wishlist #4


Hello guys!

Apologies for no post last week - I had mock science exams. Joy of joys. 

Anyway, today I thought I would show you some things that I am lusting after and may well be purchasing soon as myself and my mum are going on a shopping spree tomorrow! (which is today, as you read this).

Wishlist #4

The first thing I'm wanting/needing are some leggings for PE. I have some jogging bottoms that are looking a bit worse for wear so am currently wearing normal leggings, which is fine. But, I always feel like if I bend over then my pants may be on show (which is not a good look), therefore I am wanting some slightly thicker, sports leggings. 

Secondly, I fancy another Tanya Burr lipgloss, this one is in the shade 'I found Nemo'. I'm a big fan of Tanya's and recently bought her book; I already have one of her lipglosses and love it, it's such a pretty shade. So, I wouldn't mind adding another one to my collection.

Next is this bedspread from Next (hahah, no pun intended). It is a gorgeous teal and mustard print and would look amazing in my room. Currently, I am wanting to revamp my bedroom just to inject a little bit of vibrancy and life into it. I recently got some Polaroid stye prints so am looking to put those up as well. 

I've been searching for the right bag for a while now and nothing seems to be fitting the bill. I wanted a fairly neutral, everyday bag and I think this one fits the bill! I'm hoping I can find it when I go out shopping. I'm also in need of a new school bag as the bottom on my old one has split open. :(

Fleur de Force is one of my favourite Youtubers so when I heard she was releasing a book I knew I wanted it. I am a big fan of Youtube and how successful big youtubers are nowadays. I really need to get my hands on this as it looks like such an interesting read and the illustrations inside look gorgeous!

Finally, I'm after a curling wand, I used to curl my hair all the time but then I stopped as my hair wasn't looking as good when I was doing it so figured I may need a new curling wand. This one has pretty good reviews and doesn't cost the earth so is a win win for me,

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  1. I absolutely love the Tanya Burr lipglosses. I have the colours Afternoon Tea and Champagne Toast and I use them all the time :)
    Bea x
    As Seen By Bea

    1. I really need to pick up some more! x

  2. I'm the worst, I love curling wands and the way that my hair looks when I use them - but I'm too lazy to use them! That bag is so pretty, I know New Look have some brilliant options at the minute.

    Sammy xo.


    1. I'll definitely have a little nosy in New Look! x