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Hey guys!

Hope you're well! Today is going to be a haul post, this is some of the stuff that I have bought in the sales recently and some other beauty bits n bobs thrown in!

First of all, I actually bought this before Christmas. This was reduced in the sale to £8.00. It is a bright, vivid orange colour and is relatively thick. I've already had quite a lot of wear out of it in December/January.  

Blue Bag - New Look (Not Available Online)

On the same trip to New Look I also spotted this bag reduced to £8.00. I'd seen it before and nearly bought it, so I'm glad I'd waited for it to be reduced. It's a gorgeous rich blue colour with a kind of mottled (?) effect on it. It's quite small which is fine by me as I hardly carry anything with me.

Whilst I was away in Amsterdam, myself and my family went to Mango. I spotted this top which I loved! It reminded me of The 1975 lyric 'guns hidden under our petticoats'. (That detail may have influenced my purchase slightly.)  It looks great with a leather jacket that I just bought and was reduced to 24.99 euros. 

Leather Jacket - Matalan (Not available online)

I popped to Matalan for a quick mooch around, not a lot grabbed my eye until I spotted this leather jacket. It's black fake leather and was reduced to £12.00 from £30.00 which I thought was a pretty good discount. They only had it an an 8 and ideally, I would've needed in a 10, but  for £12.00 I thought, even if I'm not in it that long it didn't cost a lot. 

Then I had a little splurge in Boots, but it was ok because I had 2 gift cards. I actually bought the electro baby lips in Amsterdam as they were pretty cheap and I like my other ones. I also got this nail polish reduced in Topshop to £3. It's a really pale blue shade with tiny white speckles in it; I thought it was quite unusual. Then in Boots, I finally decided to take the plunge and get the Maybelline Falsies mascara. I'm so glad I have it now as I LOVE it; it makes my eyelashes look amazing. As Maybelline was on buy 1 get one half price I thought I'd pick up the Maybelline Brow Drama (medium brown). So far I'm really liking it. Then lastly I repurchased my Collection felt tip liner as it was reduced to £2.50.

From Asda, I got 2 of the Garnier Moisture Matches as they were reduced to £1.97. I got the green 'Shine be Gone' and yellow 'Protect and Glow'. I have already tried the green one before and really liked it so it's nice to have a new one. I thought I'd get another one as they were so cheap, so went for the glowy one as my skin can look a little dull in the colder months. 

Finally I got a selfie stick! This was under £5 and I had wanted one for ages. It extends a lot and I can't wait to take some long distance selfies!

That's what I have bought recently. Have you picked up anything in the sales?

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  1. the leather jacket is so cool
    keep in touch

  2. Lovely post! The orange jumper is great for spring and the blue bag looks so pretty. The topshop nail polish is stunning- what's the name of it? I really want to try urban outfitters nail polishes- I have heard great reviews! X


  3. You got some lovely picks, I really adore the orange jumper need to pop into New Look :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee