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Hey guys!

Today I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite blogs, the blogs I read everyday and love. I love each and every one of these blogs. 

Molly's blog is a fairly recent discovery of mine, but I love her blog! Molly has a mix of lifestyle posts and her blog design is gorgeous (like her)! If you haven't seen her blog, please check it out, you won't regret it!

Khila is the most hard working blogger and Youtuber, she puts so much time and effort into what she does. There is always something new on one of her many blogs and Youtube channels. If you're a fan of budget beauty or fashion than Khila's blog is the place for you!

Another fairly recent discovery. I love Chloe's blog, it has just the right blend of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her posts are always so interesting to read and I love how she writes everything! Throw in some gorgeous photography and you've got one of my favourite blogs!

Autumn Leaves
Rebecca's blog is the blog to go to if you need post inspiration, helpful links, blog help and beauty. As a fairly new blogger, Autumn Leaves has seriously helped me set up my blog. I even found out about the #bbloggers chat through her. If you're not following this blog then you're missing out big time! 

First of all the photography on this blog is AMAZING! I don't know how Fee manages to make her photos look so good, I have serious photo envy! Fee's blog focuses mainly on beauty, she has great in-depth reviews, beauty bargains and more. If you're not following, you're missing out!

Thanks for reading! What are your favourite blogs?

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  1. Thanks sooo much for the lovely mention :) I always blush when ever anyone compliments my photos as that is my favourite part of blogging!

    Also love Khila's blog!

    Fee x

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words, it really means so much! xx

  3. Lovely post! I love Molly's blog too, and other's look great too as I checked them. :)

    Sara Wallflower

  4. I am completely flattered, omg!!:'))))
    I'm glad you love my blog. I love your too!xxx