My Week in Pictures


Hey guys! 

I'm going to start this series called My Week in Pictures. I know lots of other bloggers do this and I've always like the idea. I'm only going to do this series in the holidays as I'll have done something interesting. The aim is to take a picture a day that represents what you were doing each day. As I say, I'm only doing this when I'm on holiday from school as otherwise you'll just get a picture of me in school uniform. I'm going to try and take as many pictures as I remember! I might make this every 2 weeks! I haven't decided yet, or when I have an exciting week planned!

This week is 20th - 27th.

Sunday - Sorting my wardrobe 

Monday - Shopping

Tuesday - At my nan's

Wednesday - Blogging

Thursday - Forgot

Friday - Reading outside

Saturday - Forgot

Sunday - Had the most amazing dessert

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  1. I like this idea, and I REALLY like the look of that dessert! Enjoy the holidays!

    L x

  2. Love the idea of this post! Fab pics!

    Hayley x