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 Hi guys!

Hope you're all well, today I'm going to tell you about this new site which I love! It's called MyBeautyCompare and I love the concept of it. It is the world's first personalised recommendation site on earth!

When you first join the site you create your own little beauty profile where you answer questions, such as skin type, hair colour, etc. Then when you click on certain subheadings it will tell you products that would work for you - it's such a cool idea and I really like it! 

The site also has a review section so that you or other people can review products, as the site is quite new there isn't a lot of reviews yet, but, I'm sure once it gets going there will more reviews. 

As well the review section the website also has a blog and forum. The blog is really informative and you can also search from tags. So for example you're looking for a volumising mascara you can click on that tag and it will take you to all posts with the label of a volumising mascara. The forum is also really good as you can ask any questions and then someone will answer them. All of your beauty questions will be gone. 

In the future, I would love to see an app but as it's early days so I can forgive them :)

The site is really easy to work your way around and I really like it - I'm sure I'll be spending lots of time on it in 2014! 

I'd definitely recommend you check it out!

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  1. Sounds interesting will give it a look

    Carrieanne x