Review: Freederm Gel


Hello guys!

Today I am going to be raving to you about this wonder product that has seriously helped by spotty, teenage skin - darn those teenage hormones!!

Since the end of September I seemed to be getting growths coming out of my face, bit gross, but this has practically diminished those! I've been using it since late September and have noticed a huge difference in my skin! 

Every time I feel a spot coming on I put this on overnight and by the next morning any traces of that spot are practically gone. 

It comes out in a translucent gel and it works by drying up the spot. In the morning it does make the skin look flaky and dry but this is actually the remainder of the gel so you can just wash it off.

The reason it works is because of the active ingredient nicotinamide which is 4% of it. If you prefer to get rid of spots naturally then don't try this, but for me, I don't care how I get rid of a spot as long as it works!

If the spot hasn't gone in one night keep applying it until it's gone, I've had some monster pimples and within 2 days there has been barely any traces of it left!

I love this stuff and think I will continue to repurchase, it does the job and it just works - love, love, love!

Available here

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