What Have I Won? #1


Hello guys!

I am going to be starting a new series called 'What Have I Won?'. This is going to be the posts on any things that I have won. These posts will probably be few and far between as I am very unlucky :( sad times, but I have won something from the makeup brand Miss Sporty!! YAYAYAY! SO here's what I won from them! :))

I won (from left - right) Goth Me Up Top Coat - Goth Me Black, Liquid Eyeliner in Silver Flirt and Extra Black, Fabulous Gel Eyeliner and Highlighter in Black and White, Pencil Eyeliner in Basalt, Lipstick in Extreme Black, Curve it Pump Up Mascara and Duo Eyeshadow in Mavrack Mood.

So that's what I won from Miss Sporty, expect plenty of reviews coming your way - some glowing, some not so glowing. :)
Let me know if you like the idea of this series!

Speak to you soon,

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  1. Replies
    1. Haha, this will probably be the first and last time I win something!