Lush: Cinders Bath Bomb


Sorry I have been rather absent recently but I have just had so much homework! :( Anyway, that is not the purpose of this blog post, the purpose is to tell you about this amazing smelling bath bomb goodness from Lush!

This is from the Christmas range of products and it smells, OMG, amazing! It's really cinnamony, and it's quite spicy but it just smells of Christmas! It just makes you feel all warm and Christmassy when you smell it. It made my whole bathroom smell and when it was in my room it just smelt of cinnamon. It smelt good I can assure you.

When you place this bath bomb into the bath it fizzes up, releases a nice smell and turns your bath water a pee colour, not the nicest colour ever, but oh well, I can live with it.

I don't really think this does much to your skin but I did think that it moisturised your skin ever so slightly. Not massively but still a small difference. 

To be honest, I think I would buy this again for the smell alone! It's just so darn good and yes I think I would repurchase!
Available here

Wishlist #2

Hey Guys!
I thought I'd show you the stuff that I have been lusting after recently! I actually found another backpack that I like more but, I made this and then saw it. 

I have a Boots voucher so the Rimmel stuff may be making their way to my house soon...

I'm really interested in the new MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers and the Intense Kisses. 

Thanks for reading!

Birthday Shopping!!

Hi Guys!

As you probably know, it was my birthday recently. The week after I went shopping with my mum and aunt. And we shopped till we dropped - literally! I swear I walked miles! Anyway onto what I bought. This has now been collected over the past month! I have done some serious shopping! Be prepared for a photo heavy post!

I needed a new coat so that was what I was specifically going out to get. I got a bit sidetracked but did get a coat. It was from Matalan and was £24, it reminds me of the coat in Primark. It looks very similar. It's seriously warm in this coat, so this will be kept for the colder weather, I love the pleather sleeves and the little sequin detail looks so cute.
Khaki Coat - Matalan

My aunt actually bought this for me for my birthday and I thought I'd include it in this post. It's a wine coloured skater dress. It has lace detail and it seems like a really thick material - I can't wait to wear this!

Then whilst I was in Matalan I saw this jumpsuit, tried it on and it was love! It looked so nice ( I wore it that evening)! It's a gorgeous bright blue, and I think it looks really rocky but still quite girly. I can't wait to wear this to party's as I think it will look really nice with a smoky eye for the party season and new year! 

Another thing from Matalan was this fake leather skater skirt!! I love this! It's so edgy and I just think it would look so cool at parties!

From Tammy @ BHS, I picked up these jeans, I needed to return something and these had so much off, that made them a bargainous £5.40! Not bad, eh? I love the colour, they are seriously comfy and I will get lots of wear out of them. :)
Burgundy Jeans - Tammy @ BHS

Sticking with cobalt things, I picked up this cobalt blouse in New Look. It was £4! So an absolute bargain and I love it. I love wearing thin blouses with big woolly jumpers in the winter. I think it looks so cool and is really comfy.
Cobalt Blouse - New Look (not available online)

Another blouse... this was also from New Look and was £5! It looks really nice on, I'm wearing it now actually. It's really comfy, looks really cool and again I'll wear it with woolly jumpers in the winter.
Floral Blouse - New Look (Similar)

Last thing from New Look, I saw this dress. I'd had my eye on it for agessss so when I saw it reduced and in my size! It was fate. I grabbed it and paid! I love this, it's so comfy, looks really nice and I love the print and style of it.
Aztec Skater Dress - New Look

This jumper from H&M, I love! It says like on it, is a gorgeous mint green and I think it will be so cosy and snuggly in the winter.
Jumper - H&M (Not available online)

This was literally my bargain of the month! I saw this exact same skirt from Republic and very nearly bought it! Then  I went into Select and found exactly the same skirt for a fraction of the price! I think this was £4/5 and I can't wait to wear it!

Also from Select I picked up this crop top, I know it's the wrong time of year to be wearing crop tops but this was a bargain and I couldn't say no!

I also got this top from Miss Selfridge for my birthday. I love it - it has lace detail on the shoulders, It's a peachy colour and has LA written on it with studs. 
Not Available Online

From Primark I picked up this jumper for £8, I think it's so cosy and will be great just to chuck over a top to keep me nice and toasty in the coming winter months.
Not Available Online

I also bought the infamous super cosy tights. These are super cosy (as the name would suggest) and I can't wait to wear them! My legs will be all cosy in the colder months!
Not Available Online

Also from Primark, I bought these!! I absolutely love them! They are my guilty Christmas purchase. They have snowmen and snowflakes on them and they are just the comfiest, cosiest things EVER! I'm in love!
Not Available Online

 And finally, I got these Christmas slippers, these are so soft and fluffy and they're like walking on clouds! I love them!
Not Available Online

That is it for my mammoth haul! Phew that was a lotta, lotta shopping!!! Anyway hoped you enjoyed reading the MASSIVE haul and now I need to give my purse a break!

I've Done a Guest Post!!


Just a really quick post this morning to let you know about the guest post that I have done on this blog! It's my top 10 under £5, so make sure you check it out! :))

Review: 17 Lip Pen - Berry Crush

Hello guys!

Long time no see! I'm sorry but I've been super duper busy so this is just a quick post!

Today I decided to review this. I have no idea what the colour is but I found it in my local Boots for 50p! Bargain. If I'm honest, I'm not that impressed by it. It does last a SERIOUSLY long time and stays put through eating and drinking. But, it is really drying on the lips and the balm doesn't really do a lot for your lips. 

I do like the colour but I definitely need to wear a balm underneath!


Available here 

What Have I Won? #1

Hello guys!

I am going to be starting a new series called 'What Have I Won?'. This is going to be the posts on any things that I have won. These posts will probably be few and far between as I am very unlucky :( sad times, but I have won something from the makeup brand Miss Sporty!! YAYAYAY! SO here's what I won from them! :))

I won (from left - right) Goth Me Up Top Coat - Goth Me Black, Liquid Eyeliner in Silver Flirt and Extra Black, Fabulous Gel Eyeliner and Highlighter in Black and White, Pencil Eyeliner in Basalt, Lipstick in Extreme Black, Curve it Pump Up Mascara and Duo Eyeshadow in Mavrack Mood.

So that's what I won from Miss Sporty, expect plenty of reviews coming your way - some glowing, some not so glowing. :)
Let me know if you like the idea of this series!

Speak to you soon,