September Favourites


Hey Everyone!

I know everybody says this but where has September gone? Seriously, it feels like we're still in August!!  But... now it's October so it's my birthday on the 3rd!!! I'm so excited for it! Do you guys want me to do a birthday haul post? Anyway, onto today's favourites, I have discovered some new things this past month, so lets get on with the post!

First up, I fell for the hype and bought the Maybelline Baby Lips! Mine is Pink Punch and I LOVE it! It smells so good and it leaves a hint of colour to your lips, which I love! It's also a really good lipbalm, I never let myself get dry, chapped lips but this does leave my lips feeling baby smooth! I've just been really liking it this month!
I did a review here!

These two have been helping my skin a lot! I have been breaking out like mad! (I still am, does anybody know a method that helps get rid of them? I have a photo shoot coming up for my birthday and I don't want to look really spotty on the photos!) Anyway, these have helped calm down redness and have stopped making my spots obvious, so I love them for that!

This product was new to me this month, it's a shadow paint. It feels quite weird when you put it onto your eyelids. It feels very wet, but once this dries, this is not moving for anybody! It's a really nice golden colour that compliments my blue eyes. It looks stunning on it's own and is great when you are having a lazy day. For me, I hardly ever wear eyeshadow, so this makes it really easy!

My Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer! It's love is all I can say!! If you want to see a full review click here!
But this is holy grail! But, it's now too orange for me and I need a lighter shade! :(

Next is, my Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, I got this from Rimmel to try out as part of their stay matte challenge. I really like this foundation, you only need half as much as you usually would need. As I'm quite oily it keeps me  looking natural all day and staying matte (shiny is never a good look)! I've done a full review here.

This is another completely love!!! It's amazing! It smells good, leaves a matte finish, lasts for ages and I just love it!! A full review will be coming soon, so keep checking back for that!

Another thing that I have been liking this month is white eyeliner. I have a Maybelline one which I can't find online, but I like how it makes you look awake! It's not noticeable in the waterline and it makes your eyes look bigger.

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  1. Wish a very very happy b'day in advance..
    I am in love with baby lips too
    Keep in touch,

  2. Happy Birthday in advance! The witch (hazel?) blemish stick sounds nifty, and liquid eyeshadow sounds weird to put on the eyes. It sounds like applying liquid liner all over the lid, haha

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Thank you! The witch hazel thing is really good thing to have actually! And yeah I guess it is like applying liquid eyeliner all over! :)