Review: MUA Extreme Volume Mascara


Hey Guys!

Today I am going to be reviewing the MUA Extreme Volume Mascara. This costs £2 so is a bargain!

When looking at the wand, I really liked it, I quite like big, chunky wands so this looked promising.

When applying the mascara though, I found it gave a really natural finish, it didn't look like I was wearing loads of makeup, just a really nice natural eye look. It found that it didn't clump and defined each lash nicely. It lengthened each lash but didn't give it a lot of volume - so for a volumising mascara that isn't great! But, it is really nice for everyday wear, such as for school, or a makeup, no makeup day.

On a little side note I also really liked the smell of the formula, don't really know why I was smelling it, but you know, personally I think it smells quite fruity so that was also a nice surprise! Haha!

Overall, I think this mascara is an everyday natural mascara, however if you prefer lots of volume than this isn't for you.



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