Review: Miss Sporty So Matte Powder


Hey Guys!

Today I'm reviewing the Miss Sporty So Matte Powder. I've had this powder for quite awhile now so it's about time I reviewed it!

First up, the packaging feels sturdy and strong, looks nice enough and I love the shade of blue. It comes with a sponge (does anybody ever really use those)? and it has a circle imprint on the powder, which I've worn off.

I use this after I've applied my makeup and it gives a slightly matte effect to the face, it doesn't look powdery  though (which is good). I've found that the finish wears off throughout the day but it also soaks up any excess   oil that has been on my face. I really like this as it not only stops me from producing so much oil that all my makeup slips off.

I really do like this product, but when it runs out I think I will be purchasing the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder instead to see how they compare. Plus Tanya Burr loves it!

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  1. Have never seen this one..
    Keep in touch

  2. you should try the Miracle Matte powder by seventeen, I absolutely adore it and use it every day without fail! xx