25 Facts about Me!


1. I have way too many lip balms!

2. I love money! Love having it, hate spending it!

3. Flying scares me soooo much! I'm going away to Portugal this year! Really excited but I'm dreading the flight!

4. I don't drink any hot drinks aside from the odd hot chocolate in winter.

5. I always sing when I'm on my own but never in front of anyone!

6. I'm shy at first but once you get to know me I go crazy!

7. I love cereal!

8. I get cold hands and feet so easily even in summer, it's crazy!

9. I am addicted to buying nail varnish!

10. I love books!

11. I want to be a beauty journalist for a magazine!

12. I love sitting in a car with headphones in pretending I'm in a music video!

13. Pasta is the best food ever!!

14. I love watching Miranda and Keith Lemon.

15. My friends always ask me to do an American or Australian accent because they think I'm really good at it. 

16. I can say out loud in alphabetical order the 50 states of America!

17. I love watching Corrie and Emmerdale - they're my guilty pleasure at 7:00pm!

18. I really enjoy baking!

19. I love history! I really enjoy finding out about the past and why we live how we live now. But I HATE geography with a passion! It is seriously a waste of time in my opinion!

20. I used to have piano lessons but my piano teacher left and we haven't found a new one.

21. I'm a dog person, not a cat person.

22. I'm an only child.

23. My birthday is the 3rd October. I was due on the 29th September which is my favourite singer's birthday (Brett Anderson)

24. I love the sound of typing and gravel crunching. 

25. I hate eating outside. 

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  1. Intresting.. I also get cold feet and hands very easily in summers also..