Summer Holiday Haul: Fashion and Accessories


Hey Guys!

On 30th July, I and my family are jetting off to Portugal for a week! I'm really excited and as we haven't been abroad for 5 years I've grown out of all my old holiday stuff, so... some summer holiday shopping was in order!

New Look
Love these types of tops, cool and I love the prints! (£6.99 each)
These are quite similar, but mine are bright turquoise blue. Can't find them online. (£7.99)

Love skater skirts and this was a bargainous £4.50!


We all went a bit crazy in Matalan and ended up spending £81 altogether but we had a £20 off voucher so it was ok! Kinda, this is just my stuff.
This I'm going to take with me to the beach and will do as a school PE/swimming bag. (£6.00)
More school trousers as I only have 1 pair. (£8.00)
This is so cute and comfy! (£12.00)
Simple top and I love the print! (£5.00)
A hairpiece that actually matches my hair colour! (£2.50)

(L-R): Matalan, Matalan, Tammy @BHS

All New Look

(L-R): H&M, Tammy @ BHS

All Matalan

Couldn't find links to a H&M top and Tammy swimming costume :(

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