Review: Lush Butterball Bath Balistic


Hey Everyone!

Today I am reviewing the Butterball Bath Bomb from Lush, I think this cost £2.50ish - not quite sure.

This has a soft vanilla scent which I really liked, this bath bomb claims to moisturize your skin and give you a more 'mature' and 'relaxing' bath time. Not really sure how this bath bomb is more 'mature' than others but hey, I'm open to ideas.

When placed in the bath, it just fizzed away and didn't really do a lot, but, you could smell the bath bomb throughout the room and it was a nice calming smell. When I got in the bath, I didn't really notice a difference other than the smell but, when I got out my body felt really moisturized and smelt really tasty.

Overall, I would buy this again but, if you prefer bath bombs with more excitement than this isn't the one for you, but I did really like it and could feel the moisturizing benefits.

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