Review of Natural Collection Concealer


My concealer is in the colour Fair.

I received this concealer for Christmas and was excited to try this seen as I was about to buy it the week before but my mum had to tell me not to. So I kind of knew that I was going to get it.

Anyway, this concealer is great for concealing under eye circles. As mine aren't very dark yet ( probably because I'm young and get a decent amount of sleep). But any sign of dark, purpley circles are hidden away with this. Yay!

This concealer looks very natural under the eyes. It doesn't look caked on and you can't tell it's there which is good! Well you would've hoped it would look natural seen as its from the natural collection!

However, I don't find this concealer great for covering up spots and I tend to use something else to conceal those. Also when placed on somewhere not under the eyes, the concealer can look slightly orange and as I am quite pale, this looks unnatural. 

Overall, a decent concealer for the price of £1.99 and I will use all of this up.

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