The other day me and my mum spent the last of our Boots vouchers on nail polishes! We love the stuff, we have around 70-80 bottles! (No joke)! We are obsessed by the racks of nail polish, we rarely leave Boots without another nail polish in our hands! So... I thought I would show you our nail polish purchases, be prepared to swoon at the GORGEOUS colours! And please let me know if it isn't just me who gets excited over nail varnish!

Told you they were swoon worthy!! Look at those colours!!! They are tooooo nice!

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine - Greenberry
Sinful Colours - Hazard
Sinful Colours - Call You Later
Sinful Colours - Let's Talk
Sinful Colours - Dancing Nails

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  1. Hey! I absolutely love sinful colors nail polish line!! Hazard was actually the first color I bought from them. They are fabulous!! I am also a beauty guru on YouTube. You should check out my channel and blog and sub